在竞争激烈的就业市场, pursuing your professional goals means being persistent and tapping into all your available resources. 科罗拉多理工大学 offers career 搜索 assistance through tools and resources that could help you pursue these goals. Our online tools and resources are available to provide advice, 指导, and direction to students and graduates looking to take control of their careers.

职业探索工具 & 规划可用资源

管理求职需要一个计划. 我们的就业服务, online tools and resources are designed to help students and alumni develop and create a plan with designated steps to tackle each component of the process.

  1. 搭建舞台
    概述 on organizing your job 搜索, helpful tools to use, developing your wardrobe and more.
  2. 求职策略
    Includes understanding the hidden and visible job market, 识别潜在的选择, 研究并制定求职路线图.
  3. 写一份引人注目的简历
    Focus is on creating and developing a resume that is designed to get prospective employers’ attention. An in-depth review of the best practices in resume writing and how to highlight your skills and accomplishments.
  4. Professional Networking and Social Media 资源
    Presentation of the various networking channels one can utilize when 搜索ing for job openings. Traditional and social media outlets are examined.
  5. 自信地面试
    Exploration of factors that can contribute to interview success, as well as some common and tough interview questions that candidates may face and how to respond to them.

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Simply put, résumés are designed to open the doors for the interviews you want.

Your résumé and cover letter are often your first and only chance to make a great impression on a recruiter or hiring manager. 通常, it may only take someone 5-7 seconds to scan your résumé to determine if you are a good fit for the job. That's why your résumé and cover letter need to stand out. These important documents must be well written and clearly present your strongest achievements and assets to a prospective employer so you can increase your chances of getting invited to an interview. CTU can help you design and tailor your résumé and cover letter to specific jobs.


祝贺你! 你来面试了!

You are still in competition for the position. Now is the opportunity for you to really sell yourself by making the connection between what you have to offer and how you can specifically address the potential employer's needs.

Remember that as you interview with organizations, you are also interviewing them to see if they will be the appropriate fit for your personal career goals.

虽然面试很伤脑筋, preparing in advance can help you go through the interview without that knot in your stomach, and your relevant skills and accomplishments can shine through.

CTU can help equip you with appropriate tools and knowledge of best practices to help execute interviews with confidence.


As interviewing and hiring efforts become more reliant on advanced technology, the importance of networking continues to grow. Many people may be intimidated by networking because they associate it with having to be pushy or stepping outside their comfort zone.

If you are one of those people who get nervous about the prospect of networking, the first thing you need to do is change your mindset. It’s important to remember that networking can be a natural process and doesn’t only happen at formalized school or business events.

行业活动, conferences and professional associations are great places to publicize your career desires and personal strengths while looking for professional opportunities. You can also utilize the various technology platforms that promote and foster professional networking.

CTU cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement.



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